Kurb Krusher Skateboards is a family owned an run skateboard company which officially launched on the 27th April 2017.

It began with a small idea from when I was around 23 years old, as an individual I always had a passion for skateboarding and the history that went with it. I had seen the rise of skate stores and their steady decline. Seeing this is was sadly put me off starting the company some 6 years ago, I had rode different brands for many years finally settling with a deck shape I finally like “Heroin Skateboards”. For all this shape was good for me I was more appreciative of the artwork, I dreamed of one day having a graphic I could do for someone else’s company.

I dabbled with different ideas and always spoke to people about why their ideas never came into fruition. I started to research marketing techniques, social media was a strong platform to get the name out there, I wasn’t one to shy away from any sort of advice either.

I didn't feel that starting a company when I originally had the thought would be a good idea. I was uneducated in what people wanted/needed more of in this day and age. The scene changes at such a rapid pace same as the skateboarding styles themselves, I had to find a way to diversify myself from the rest of the UK companies already out there. Zorlac (Death Skateboards owner) also offered words of advice even though I was looking to start my own board company which is what he did, he must have thought or seen something in my words for him to give me advice in order to progress. Rob the owner of The House Skatepark also offered his input as to why a lot of businesses fail, Tom former owner of Props Skatestore also shared his input.

So after having discussions, researching and generally finding out what people would like. I finally got the support together to start this journey. I had an investment from my mother who saw it was something I truly wanted to do, my wife along side me said she would deal with the numbers, I just had to push it.

Which is what I did, I put together a team and watched a kid’s dream... grow.

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