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So as a lot of people have seen there has been a bit of inactivity on the website, just to clarify we are not dead. The reason being why we have been quiet on here is because myself (Adam/Owner) have been studying and getting qualified for my job. As KK is a non profit skateboard company I had to place it somewhat on a back burner. I have now qualified and exams passed, Introduced a new rider, carried on filming when I can, managed a family and father life style as well as holding a full time job. Honestly I don't know how I have managed these past 2 years.

But with all that being said I back focusing on shit now and just going full steam for it.

Well...we were.

That was until we had a disease called COVID-19, create a pandemic which basically has gripped the entire globe into a very slow movement and some countries to a complete stand still. We don't want delve too much into it but given the current lockdown we cannot currently film. Hopefully once the governments have relaxed the isolation orders and lockdown and normal life recommences you will hear a lot more from us.

Until then everyone stay safe.



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