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As we draw to the end of what seems to have been the weirdest and uncertain year in all our lives I can honestly say strangely it has been one of the most productive years for us!

Firstly I would like to welcome one of the most easy going and most tech riders I have met to the team Alan Callaghan. I have known this lad for a while and has always been polite, generous and willing to give his time to have a good chat about skateboarding or just general stuff.

I had my eyes on Alan for around 2 years and because of the level of skating he was doing I never thought I would be a good enough sponsor for him however, 2 years passed and I finally asked him if he would be interested in joining us and low and behold he said yes!

I ran everything by his shop sponsor (don't want to tread on any toes) and now he's part of our family.

I expect great things from all of these lads and cant wait to stick the middle finger up at Covid19!



Dodo our first full feature skate vid is now on pre order and look at that artwork, done by the very talented Lucan Monks, the Vid will be featuring Tom Wildblood, Gordo, Alan Callaghan, Rhys Hurst, Ozzy Wildblood and More. Packed with extras as well. The Premiere date is currently on hold due to the current Covid restrictions but Venue is confirmed as The Bridge Inn, Rotherham. This was where the first Rotherham skate scene vid was premiered and now it's time to return!

See you all there and stay safe.



The House Skatepark

Rob at the House has been there since the beginning, The House was my Second stockist and took a chance on our brand and some 3 years later is still on board with me I couldn't thank him enough for the support over the years!!

Bonafide Supply

If you've watched Death Skateboards "Squadrophenia" the man that is Jay Bone has an online store which has been going for years, I know he lived in Australia for a spell and now he is back in Ilkeston. It was another Legend I was happy to meet face to face and finally got it together and now stocked on his site thanks Jay!

Big Aye Skateboards

Big Aye Skateboards was established in 2016 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne by Matty De Vere. Another guy who is very talented not only at making boards but also as an artist. Based in London he started his own store and also building workshops that people can go and take part in making boards. He was yet again another guy I messaged just out of the blue but he took the time to listen and was hyped to get involved this guy is rad at customs I suggest you go and buy stuff from his store, click on the image.

Division 24 Skate Store

Last but not least DIV24, It's always ace speaking to Wayne as he is just like me, over 20 years in skateboarding and being on the same wavelength is always good. Visit his store up in Wakefield if you get the chance. Link on the image.


Our online store will be open on Christmas Day and New Years Day, orders will not be fulfilled for a couple of days after (packing up, posting etc) so bear with us.

We will do one last Blog for 2020 before we say F*** OFF to the worst year ever. So to all of You MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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