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So with what seemed like an eternity of lockdown not being eased, there have been some changes that have meant businesses can function to some form of normality again. But we have been exceptionally busy and we have some exciting new things coming.

So lets start with the first thing.

So Myself, Rhys and Matt (manifest) got together and agreed that it would be rad if we did a colab board together, so there are going to be Popsicle and Shaped boards available. Date of release is TBC but we will let you know as soon as possible.

Secondly Division 24 Skate Store and Bonafide Supply have agreed to sell our boards in their stores. Both Skate owned and run for over 20 years. Head over to their shops,check them out and buy stuff.

Also we have new graphics in the making, stickers and also a lot of D.I.Y because if there is one thing that this quarantine has taught us is that we can do a lot of things with very little.

So I would like to share with you all the Co-vid Conspiracy graphic designed by my mate Lucan Monks.

So there we go next time we'll have news on the vid.

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